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Facebook Groups

LymeBrave Foundation
That’s us! Like our page for news, blog, and encouragement or join our linked group, Being LymeBrave, to connect with others on the healing journey! 

A Little Lyme Laughter
A group dedicated to seeing the lighter side of Lyme and life.

But You Don't Look Sick
Casting light on the invisible nature of Lyme disease.

A Lyme Library where members can borrow, donate, and loan Lyme-related books and DVDs. Have a Lyme-related book or DVD? Donate it to the LymeBrary so Lyme patients and caregivers can read, watch, and pass the material along in the round-robin program!


Lyme Disease Artist Co-Op
A buy, sell, or trade group for artists and creatives with Lyme disease. Many artists may sell their wares to help pay for their own Lyme disease treatment.

Lyme Disease Awareness
An active group offering a strong support network for those with Lyme disease.

Lyme Warrior Community
Facebook group for the community providing treatment support and fundraising for Lyme disease research.

Lymie Moms Unite

A support group for mothers of children with Lyme disease or mothers who have Lyme disease themselves.

Women's Lyme Disease Support Group

A support group dedicated to women with Lyme disease.

Know of another resource? Get in touch!

LymeBrave Foundation, inc. is unaffiliated with the listed organizations unless otherwise noted.

General Support

For a comprehensive listing of in-person support groups by location, visit
PA Lyme Resource Network
For a comprehensive listing of support groups in Pennsylvania, visit

Lyme Disease Support Group
An online forum for patients, caregivers, and loved ones to share and learn about Lyme disease.


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