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Join the community by reading stories from those who know what it means to be LymeBrave! The Being LymeBrave blog features news, events, special blog series, and guest posts from contributing writers. Are you a patient or caregiver with something to say? Check out the blog to learn how to become a contributor.


  • All About Lyme Disease: Your frequently asked questions about Lyme disease answered.
  • Lyme Symptoms: Learn about the symptoms of Lyme disease, including early-stage Lyme, late-stage Lyme, and common manifestations of Lyme in children. Additional resources include: The Case for Chronic Lyme, an essay about the controversy surrounding long-term treatment, ILADS’* Evidence of Chronic Infection, and Lyme’s* invaluable symptom checker.
  • Lyme Prevention: Protect yourself from risk of infection with our quick tips for prevention and how to remove an embedded tick.
  • Physician Referrals: Need a doctor? We have a list of organizations that can help.*
  • Lyme Resources: Want to learn more about Lyme disease? Visit one of these leading organizations dedicated to the education and research of Lyme disease.*


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  • Patient Portal: Support programs in patient care featuring toolkits, practical life applications for living with Lyme, and resources for the Lyme patient.
  • Caregiver Portal: Support programs for caregivers featuring toolkits to help their Lyme patients, tips and tricks for caring for your loved one, and resources for caregivers.
  • Pet Portal: The place for all things Lyme and pet-related, including symptoms and prevention for your fur-family.
  • Lyme Support Programs: Coming Soon!


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Crisis Lifeline

Lyme patients are at-risk of suicide due to the accompanying decrease in quality of life. If you or someone you love is suffering from depression or suicidal ideation, contact your physician immediately or call the
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline




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