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Below is a list of national organizations dedicated to providing support for long-term caregivers.

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LymeBrave Foundation, inc. is unaffiliated with the listed organizations unless otherwise noted.

Lyme Organizations

LymeBrave Foundation
That's us! We provide resources and tools, support programs, and healing workshops to help caregivers help their loved ones on this journey through Lyme disease. Coming soon!


Caregiver Action Network
A national non-profit organization providing education, support, and resources to family caregivers, including caregivers of those with chronic illness. Be sure to check out their CareCommunity for additional support.
Family Caregiver Alliance
A leading non-profit organization addressing the needs of families and friends who serve as caregivers. providing long-term care for loved ones at home. Family Caregiver Alliance provides services, educational programs, and resources to help caregivers manage the demands of caregiving.  

National Alliance for Caregiving
A coalition of non-profit organizations focused on improving the lives of family caregivers through awareness of caregiving issues, research, and national programs. 

National Caregivers Library

Providing comprehensive resources and tools for caregivers, including how to care for yourself and others with specific illnesses and disabilities. Additional resources include homecare, legal matters, medical care, and financial tools.


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