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Maintaining medications is a serious chore for the Lyme patient and a vital task for the caregiver. Between prescribed medications and additional supplements for nutrition and immune-support, it can quickly become overwhelming to both parties. Below are some suggestions to help manage medications.

  • Maintain an up-to-date list of medications and supplements. The list should include:

    • Prescription name

    • Reason for Prescription (Medical Diagnosis)

    • Dosage

    • Instructions (Frequency, Time of Day, etc)

    • Special Care Instructions

    • Start Date

    • Refill Date

  • Use pill boxes to organize medicines and help monitor and manage dosages. Set aside time each week to refill pill boxes. It’s important to keep to a routine when managing medicines so that no doses are missed.

  • If necessary, create a set of written instructions for each medicine, including dosage and time it should be taken. Keep this set of written instructions in a safe but accessible location.
     TIP: Use our Master Medication Chart to help organize prescriptions, times, and dosages of medications or download our Daily Medication Chart to track the patient’s medicine schedule.



Master Medication Management Chart (For Caregivers)
Keep track of current prescribed medications and supplements and confirm or record changes with the patient’s treating physician.


Daily Medication Chart (For Caregivers)
Track the patient’s daily medicine schedule.

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