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Maintaining medications is a serious chore for the Lyme patient and a vital task for the caregiver. Between prescribed medications and additional supplements for nutrition and immune-support, it can quickly become overwhelming to both parties. Below are some suggestions to help manage medications.

  • Maintain an up-to-date list of medications and supplements. The list should include:

    • Prescription name

    • Reason for Prescription (Medical Diagnosis)

    • Dosage

    • Instructions (Frequency, Time of Day, etc)

    • Special Care Instructions

    • Start Date

    • Refill Date

  • Use pill boxes to organize medicines and help monitor and manage dosages. Set aside time each week to refill pill boxes. It’s important to keep to a routine when managing medicines so that no doses are missed.

  • If necessary, create a set of written instructions for each medicine, including dosage and time it should be taken. Keep this set of written instructions in a safe but accessible location.
    TIP: Use our Master Medication Chart to help organize prescriptions, times, and dosages of medications or download our Daily Medication Chart to track the patient’s medicine schedule.



Master Medication Management Chart:
Keep track of current prescribed medications and supplements and confirm or record changes with the patient’s treating physician.


Daily Medication Chart:
Track the patient’s daily medicine schedule.

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