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LymeBrave Foundation
That’s us! We know what it’s like to struggle financially in the face of this disease, which is why we also know that removing some of the burden that comes with medical costs can be a tremendous relief and help in a patient’s emotional recovery. We’re just getting started here at LymeBrave Foundation, but providing Lyme patients
with resources for financial relief remains one of our top missions.

The Lyme Test Access Program is a nationwide (US only) financial assistance program providing eligible Lyme patients with a reimbursement of up to 75% of out-of-pocket expenses for the cost of Lyme disease testing. Visit their website for eligibility requirements and how to download and submit an application.

Lyme Aid (Facebook Group)
Lyme Aid is a public Facebook group which allows patients to connect and share fundraising campaigns for personal Lyme-related care.


RX Assist is a comprehensive resource for patient assistance programs, including a prescription savings card and other free or low-cost medicine programs.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
PPA is a free service that connects patients with public and private prescription assistance programs to help reduce the cost of prescription drugs and healthcare services.

A nationwide non-profit organization providing resources on affordable healthcare programs and prescription costs, including financial assistance programs and prescription discount cards.

Government Benefits
From Medicaid programs to food benefits, government assistance can provide necessary financial relief when you’re struggling to heal from a debilitating illness such as Lyme disease. Select your state at to see what programs are available to you. International patients: use your search browser or speak to a representative to see what programs are available in your country.


Filing for Disability Benefits When You Have Lyme Disease
From’s Touched By Lyme blog, attorney and Lyme advocate Barbara Arnold breaks down the steps to filing for Social Security Disability for Lyme disease.

Lyme Insurance and Disability
For members of only. A comprehensive list of resources related to insurance and disability for Lyme disease.


Social Service Connections for Lyme Disease
A private Facebook group (request to join) providing free resources related to insurance and disability claims. A supportive community, this groups allows members to ask questions and hear success stories related to insurance and disability cases while providing encouragement to continue in the fight against Lyme disease.

How To Get On

Serving as a guide for those with ME/CFS (often associated with Lyme disease) and other chronic illnesses severely limiting a patient's mobility, How To Get On provides a wealth of information on applying for Social Security Disability as well as invaluable additional resources.

Know of another resource? Get in touch!

LymeBrave Foundation, Inc. is unaffiliated with the listed organizations unless otherwise noted.

Financial Assistance
Prescription Assistance
Disability Assistance
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