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New Patient Support Forms!

When I experienced my own journey with Lyme disease, I knew I didn't want anyone else to have to experience the suffering and struggle that I went through--a suffering that so many of us in the Lyme community know too well. My doctors helped to save my life, but it was community and connection that helped me to heal from the emotional toll of chronic illness that can be just as pervasive as the physical condition itself. As I began to get better, I knew I needed to turn this pain into purpose.

LymeBrave Foundation was born from a desire to help fill a gap in Lyme disease education and awareness--to acknowledge and support those who were feeling the isolation, loneliness, and misunderstanding that so many Lyme patients and their caregivers experience. I wanted to create a safe space in which those living with this disease could unpack the heavy emotions that often accompany long-term or chronic illness. I wanted a place where caregivers could find support tools to help them care for their loved ones without sacrificing themselves. I wanted a place where no one would be alone and where you could remember to always be brave.

While we've taken a step back from frontline advocacy in recent years, we're so happy to see so many picking up the mantle and sharing their experiences to facilitate awareness, education, and change.

Part of the mission of LymeBrave was the building of resources and support systems to help both patients and caregivers alike. In 2017, when LymeBrave Foundation was officially launched, we worked tirelessly to put some of those resources and systems into place, including our Patient and Caregiver Support Portals.

We've recently updated our website and support portals with more resources, including revamped Patient and Caregiver toolkits and support forms that have been the hallmark of LymeBrave Foundation.

Here you'll find:

- Patient Appointment Forms

- Health History Forms

- Wellness Logs

- Daily Medication Lists

- Master Medication Lists

- Human Resources Records

These forms are meant to help you stay organized and up-to-date for your recovery journey. Caregiver versions are also available in support of your Lyme patient.

LymeBrave Foundation continues to exist as a resource for patients and caregivers along their wellness journey. We look forward to continuing to create helpful resources as part of our Patient and Caregiver portals.

Explore our LymeBrave Support Portals here:

Help LymeBrave continue as a resource for patients and caregivers by donating here:

Stay strong and be brave!


LymeBrave Founder


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